The VP Story
VP Racing has been making the best fuels for motorsports since 1975. In fact, in race venues not controlled by a fuel rule, VP consistently fuels more winners than any other American fuel company. We currently produce more than 60 unique blends that have fueled champions in virtually every racing category and class -- from drag racing, circle track and roadracing to off-road, off-shore and even airplane racing. 

VP's fuels have a well-deserved reputation for superior power and consistency - as illustrated by the NHRA Pro Stock Champions who have made VP their fuel of choice for 29 consecutive years -- a record unmatched by any major sponsor in the industry.  One of the reasons for VP's consistent success is our focus.  We don't make ordinary pump gas and we don't run a chain of convenience stores.  We make power.  And we make it for racing.

Total control over our products is another reason for our success.  We blend all our own fuels. We lead them. We dye them. We drum them, test and store them.  This painstaking care ensures every gallon of VP fuel meets our quality standards regardless of where it's shipped or where it's purchased.

We're committed to being actively involved in our customers' success.  While VP Racing owns and operates an analytical laboratory fully equipped with dyno and test engines, we spend most of our time working with racers in their shops, on their dynos and with their vehicles at the track.  This gives us a big advantage over larger oil companies that rely on laboratory conditions for most of their product development. 

VP is no less demanding in the engineering and precision of its racing synthetic oils, two-cycle lubricants, performance chemicals, traction adhesives and accessories.  Each and every one is designed for maximum power and performance. We do all this to stay ahead of our competition so you can stay ahead of yours.


We routinely stock the following products. Please call to verify availability and pricing. Discounts available for drum and bulk purchases. Dealers welcome.


  • MS101
  • VP 110
  • VP 113E
  • IMPORT (Drum Only)
  • C12, C14, C16
  • Q16
  • ULT 4.4
  • MRX01 - 5 gal pail
  • MRX09 - 5 gal pail
  • MR12 - 5 gal pail

Also Available

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  • 5 Gallon Racing Jug
  • 5 Gallon Pail
  • Racing Jug Hose
  • Top End Lube
  • Top End Lube – Grape & Cherry Scent
  • Funnels With Filter
  • Drum Pumps